S’more Cookies

Ham: Hey, Smalls, you wanna s’more?
Smalls: Some more of what?
Ham: No, do you wanna s’more?
Smalls: I haven’t had anything yet, so how can I have some more of nothing?
Ham:You’re killing me Smalls!

^^from one of the greatest movies, The Sandlot!

But enough of that…sorry I haven’t posted lately I’ve been pretty busy, but a dear friend on the track team just turned 21, so of course a sweet treat was in order! I had found a s’more cookie recipe several weeks ago and had been wanting to try it, and a birthday always deserves a special treat!

I randomly found the recipe off another baking blog (http://www.lovintheoven.com/2009/12/day-7-smores-cookies.html), and it turned out to be really easy! The cookies were gooey and delicious, and I think the birthday girl loved them too.

Click here for printable S’more Cookies Recipe

The dough itself is similar to a regular chocolate chip cookie recipe, only with graham cracker crumbs added. You drop the dough onto cookie sheets and bake about 7-8 minutes, and then push the s’more toppings (mallows and Hershey’s!) into the cookies, and bake a couple more minutes.

I crushed graham crackers when making mine because I didn’t have a box of graham cracker crumbs; I also ran out of Hershey bars (the recipe calls for 2, but I would suggest buying at least 3), so the last batch I chopped up a few Kit-Kat bars to put in the cookies, and they were just as yummy as the original!

Below is a picture of the Kit-Kat version of the cookies:
Hope ya’ll enjoy!

And remember, eat more cookies!!


About Mary Kate

Hey Ya'll! My name is Mary Kate DuBard, I was born and raised in South Carolina, and I have wonderful parents and two older brothers. I'm currently living in Atlanta and attending Georgia Tech; I'm a junior majoring in Industrial Engineering and minoring in Spanish. I'm on the track and field and cross country teams here as well. I love everything outdoors, traveling, being with friends, laughing, anything sweet, and BAKING. My favorite part of any meal has always been dessert, and I grew up with my grandmother's perfect pecan pie and banana pudding. Since high school, I have loved to bake and throughout college, I have especially branched out, baking several times a week and enjoying the adventures of trying new recipes. My hope is to eventually run my own bakery someday! I decided to start a little blog to document my baking endeavors and allow my friends and family to keep up with my sweet tooth.
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2 Responses to S’more Cookies

  1. KK says:

    S’more cookies look great! Will try recipe soon.

  2. TVOLS says:

    Dude, those things look awesome. I’m gonna need to try one soon!

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