Yo-Yo’s..not just for child’s play

In celebration of my new blog, I did a little baking last night. Many of you may be familiar with yo-yo cookies that are sold at Publix bakeries. I first had a yo-yo my freshman year of college and immediately fell in love. It is simply a heap of buttercream frosting sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies. I searched last year for a recipe online to make for a friend’s birthday and since then have made them often. The recipe I found and use every time can be found at: http://pumpkin-and-spice.blogspot.com/2008/09/yo-yo-party-cookies.html.

These cookies always turn out a lighter color than most cookie recipes I use, but are always firm and perfectly chewy which makes it easy to sandwich icing in between them. I make the cookies first and allow them to cool while I make the frosting. I try and match up the cookies evenly and spoon icing in between. I then refrigerate the cookies to allow the icing to harden slightly because I dip some of the yo-yo’s into melted chocolate and add some sprinkles, just how they are seen at Publix.

Above is a close-up of a yo-yo after being dipped into melted chocolate. The picture on the right is a final preview of some of the yo-yo’s before being delivered as a birthday treat! Clearly, mine don’t look as good as those found in Publix, but hey, it’s all about taste right? and as my Dad always says, “Boy, Ain’t them some mighty fine tastin’ cookies”


About Mary Kate

Hey Ya'll! My name is Mary Kate DuBard, I was born and raised in South Carolina, and I have wonderful parents and two older brothers. I'm currently living in Atlanta and attending Georgia Tech; I'm a junior majoring in Industrial Engineering and minoring in Spanish. I'm on the track and field and cross country teams here as well. I love everything outdoors, traveling, being with friends, laughing, anything sweet, and BAKING. My favorite part of any meal has always been dessert, and I grew up with my grandmother's perfect pecan pie and banana pudding. Since high school, I have loved to bake and throughout college, I have especially branched out, baking several times a week and enjoying the adventures of trying new recipes. My hope is to eventually run my own bakery someday! I decided to start a little blog to document my baking endeavors and allow my friends and family to keep up with my sweet tooth.
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4 Responses to Yo-Yo’s..not just for child’s play

  1. Doobie7 says:

    Those are some mighty fine cookies!! What else you got?!

  2. Karen DuBard says:

    Yo-yo cookies look delicious!! I know how good they taste because I’ve had several!

  3. Meredith Smith says:

    These all look so good! I am going to definitely try the yo-yo cookies. Thanks for the recipe!

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