Baking for Boobies

So a couple of months ago, my boyfriend gave me the idea of doing some bake sales for charity. I got in touch with the coordinator for the Susan G. Komen foundation in Atlanta, and last week got everything finalized to do bake sales to raise money for breast cancer! This time of year is so busy with track and school that I don’t have the time in the next couple of weeks to bake for an entire day and do an actual bake sale, so I decided to try something different. Our track team left yesterday to come to Duke for the outdoor ACC Championships, and I wanted to make a good luck treat, and I also decided to let everyone know what I’m raising money for and have a donation jar where people could donate a dollar or so if they felt like it!

I kept it simple and just used three cupcake mixes (chocolate, butter recipe yellow, and vanilla), and used a canned chocolate and vanilla frosting and made one batch of homemade buttercream. I actually flew up to Durham earlier yesterday so I wasn’t on the bus, but everyone thanked me and were generous in the donation jar so I’m very grateful and excited that my first fundraising attempt went well!

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S’mores Bars

Click here for printable S’mores Bars recipe

Ain’t that the berries?! Well these are not your typical campfire s’mores treat, they’re much much better but just as easy! My good friend Reid actually forwarded me this recipe that he found, and since I basically trust him with my life, I knew I had to try it out. He found the recipe from StumbleUpon, and the original recipe is from Betty Crocker can be found here.

These were incredible right after they were done, but after being stored a day or two, they still tasted good being warmed up in the microwave a little bit!

All for you Reido, xoxoxo, Bonnie would be proud.

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Ooey Gooey Butter Cake

Click here for printable Ooey Gooey Butter Cake recipe

For starters, this is Paula Deen’s recipe, so you know it’s amazing. On the way to Charleston last summer, my mom and I were buying some last minute groceries at Walmart, and I was naturally in the bakery section. I saw Paula Deen’s butter cake and lemon gooey cake and picked up both. Needless to say, both were eaten before we even left the parking lot. Last fall, I looked up the recipe to try (, and it turned out to be really easy and absolutely delicious. I also tried the lemon, chocolate, and chocolate peanut butter versions, which didn’t come out quite like I wanted but I just need to try them again sometime. I’ve made the original gooey butter cake several times and made two yesterday to take over to Beta, and the guys said it was delicious.

If y’all don’t trust me, trust Paula, and go out and make some gooey cake!!

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Samoa Bars

Click here for printable Samoa Bars recipe

Let me start out by saying the pictures don’t do these bars justice. My mom brought me a box of my favorite girl scout cookies, Samoas of course, and I got to thinking after I soon finished the entire box, I bet I could make something like this! So I quickly found a bar recipe which I can honestly admit didn’t turn out as pretty as I wanted (hence the pictures) but they were very yummy nonetheless! I opted to not drizzle chocolate over the top of the bars and it really brought out the taste of the coconut-caramel topping that I love so much about the girl scout Samoas.

I found the recipe from another blog (, and I want to try the homemade thin mint recipe sometime soon as well.

The recipe was fun to make; I taste tested the crust and topping each by themselves, and they were delicious. A note to those trying the recipe: it really is important to allow the topping to set. I was very impatient and put the pan in the freezer to hurry up the cooling process so I could cut the bars, and it made it difficult when I dipped the bottoms in the chocolate because not all of the topping had set into the crust and some of them crumbled in the melted chocolate, oops! I definitely recommend this recipe to all of those Samoa lovers out there though, because we all know Girl Scout cookie season doesn’t last all year!

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For the love of cookie cake

Click here for printable Cookie Cake recipe

This past week I got a little crazy and made three cookie cakes, and simply varied the icing and size of each cake. I used the same recipe for all 3; I’ve only used one other cookie cake recipe from a magazine that makes a smaller size, but this particular recipe has turned out great for me every time. The recipe can be found here: The only thing I do differently is I always use milk chocolate chips instead of semi-sweet, and I’ve never added walnuts to the cake.

For the circular cookie cake above, I split the dough in half and put each into two 9 inch pans. Also, for the circular cake I simply used a canned chocolate frosting and sprinkles to add around the edge for a quick birthday treat for someone! For the next few pictures, I made one giant cake on a 13 X 18 cookie sheet, then cut into squares and used three different icings.

The first is buttercream, the second is vanilla, and the last is chocolate. I can’t decide my favorite, I really liked all 3 of them! I found the simple icing recipes from; I halved all three recipes so I wouldn’t end up with too much extra, but had to add more powdered sugar to each to get it to a good consistency. And as you can see, I made the buttercream first and it was the most ‘runny’ (I probably should have added a bit more powdered sugar), but I refrigerated the cookie cake squares to let the icing harden a bit, and it sure was tasty!

Click here for printable Buttercream frosting

Click here for printable Vanilla frosting

Click here for printable Chocolate frosting

And lastly, my third cake went to my favorite, and also the best fraternity at Tech, Beta Theta Pi :). I multiplied the recipe by 1.5 and split into two smaller cookie sheets, then frosted it using the buttercream frosting from the yo-yo cookies recipe, and used a little red food coloring to make the heart.

For the love of cookie cake, go to the store, grab a buggy, get what ya need, and bake a cake!

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St. Patrick’s Day Sweets

I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, but Wednesday night I did a little baking for yesterday’s holiday (holidays always call for yummy treats!), and I used two really simple recipes. The first was another cake mix cookie recipe, but this time for Funfetti cookies, and the recipe was slightly different than the Red Velvet cookie recipe. The second recipe was for a giant Shamrock cookie that uses a pre-made refrigerated sugar cookie dough, but I opted to make homemade vanilla frosting rather than use a can.
Above is a picture of the Funfetti cookies; the recipe uses a Funfetti cake mix, 2 eggs, and a 1/3 cup oil. The recipe can actually be found on the side of the cake mix box. After baking the cookies and allowing them to cool, I used a Funfetti vanilla frosting to frost the cookies and then topped them off with some green sprinkles.

Yum yum yummy!!!

Click here for printable Funfetti Cookies recipe

The next recipe was as basic as they get, I had some fun making a double layer though and shaping the giant cookies into a Shamrock. I used the recipe found at the following website: . I used two refrigerated sugar cookie doughs and flattened the entire dough onto two large cookie sheets (the recipe says to shape into a shamrock before you bake the dough, but I decided to cut the Shamrock after baking). I baked both doughs at 325° then allowed them to cool. While cooling, I used this recipe to make some vanilla frosting:,166,150190-244203,00.html. I used green food coloring to color most of the frosting, but left a tiny bit of it white to make an outline of the top cookie.

I then cut the dough into two large shamrocks, below is a picture of the first shamrock before and after being frosted.

I then put the second shamrock on top of the first, iced the top, and put the white outline around it. So the shamrock isn’t the perfect shape, but like I always say, it’s all about the taste anyways 😉

Click here for printable Shamrock Cookie recipe

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S’more Cookies

Ham: Hey, Smalls, you wanna s’more?
Smalls: Some more of what?
Ham: No, do you wanna s’more?
Smalls: I haven’t had anything yet, so how can I have some more of nothing?
Ham:You’re killing me Smalls!

^^from one of the greatest movies, The Sandlot!

But enough of that…sorry I haven’t posted lately I’ve been pretty busy, but a dear friend on the track team just turned 21, so of course a sweet treat was in order! I had found a s’more cookie recipe several weeks ago and had been wanting to try it, and a birthday always deserves a special treat!

I randomly found the recipe off another baking blog (, and it turned out to be really easy! The cookies were gooey and delicious, and I think the birthday girl loved them too.

Click here for printable S’more Cookies Recipe

The dough itself is similar to a regular chocolate chip cookie recipe, only with graham cracker crumbs added. You drop the dough onto cookie sheets and bake about 7-8 minutes, and then push the s’more toppings (mallows and Hershey’s!) into the cookies, and bake a couple more minutes.

I crushed graham crackers when making mine because I didn’t have a box of graham cracker crumbs; I also ran out of Hershey bars (the recipe calls for 2, but I would suggest buying at least 3), so the last batch I chopped up a few Kit-Kat bars to put in the cookies, and they were just as yummy as the original!

Below is a picture of the Kit-Kat version of the cookies:
Hope ya’ll enjoy!

And remember, eat more cookies!!

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